Thoughts from the Pipeline

The Magical World of Agency New Business

Although 70% of agencies claim to be dissatisfied with their sales process and financial health, less than 50% of them have a new business strategy in place. Why?

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What Makes Your Agency So Damn Special?

Winning new business doesn’t begin and end with the best ideas. Sometimes it happens in your agency profile video before you even get in the room.

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Is Your Agency Positioning Statement Generating New Business?

Creating a meaningful agency positioning statement that establishes clear differentiation amongst your competitors is the first step in creating a re-energized new business pipeline.

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The Four Cornerstones To An Impactful New Business Strategy (Part 2)

Do you have a new business strategy that actively plans for future growth and stability? The firms that consistently generate impactful new business opportunities, regardless of size, have four things in common.

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The Four Cornerstones To An Impactful New Business Strategy (Part 1)

Business development is not a “nice to have” nor can it wait for “things to slow down.” It needs to be an ongoing process based on a constantly evolving plan, capable of withstanding 12-18 months of learning and fine-tuning.

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Agency Thought Leadership Is Essential. Here’s Why!

New research finds that a well-conceived Agency Thought Leadership editorial program can win you business. But there’s a downside as well.

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